Our Mission

Become the leader in the Adult Retail Industry

Be preferred retailer for adult customer

Be preferred employer in adult industry

Be preferred customer for all vendors



Meet the Team

The most important part of any business are the people that make up the business.

The executive team at Progressive Retail Management brings together years of experience from different parts of retail.

Together they produce results!

Mark Labertew


Mark Labertew is the Chief Operations Officer and the Chief Financial Officer. Mark brings to Progressive Retail Management, Inc. a background of profitable leadership in dynamic domestic and international enterprises.  Mark has over 35 years of business experience leading profitable companies, spanning diverse industries, from start-up through growth into multi-million dollar businesses, and has structured, negotiated and consummated high dollar corporate transactions and financings in the retail, manufacturing and Capital Raising Services. Prior to Progressive Mark was the CEO of Invertual  and Accredited Members, Inc. a Publicly Held Company who specialized in providing executive services and assistance in raising capital for early stage small cap public companies.

Josh Porter

Director of Special Projects

Josh joined Progressive Retail Management with more than 15 years of behind the scenes retail experience.  Working with both national, and international organizations. His understanding of both domestic and international distribution channels encompasses retail sales, wholesale, OEM, and online to name a few.  A strong expertise in data-driven, strategic planning developing programs for both short and long-term goals.  Josh holds three degrees in Business Operations, Business Marketing, and Economics from the University of Delaware.

Nik Schlein

Director of Store Operations / Service Income Manager

Nik has been with Progressive Retail Management since 1999 serving as both the Director of Store Operations and Service Income Manager. As Director he oversees the store management, retail operations and guest service experience. As Service Income Manager he is responsible for ensuring reliability and operation of the service income sectors as well as applicable compliance rules.  Previously, Nik had been a District Manager for Progressive Retail Management directly supervising over 20 locations across 8 states consistently increasing sales and quality of service across all locations.

Rico DeRobles

Director of Purchasing

Rico has been a part of Progressive Retail Management since 2008.  He has a unique attention to detail and a dependable, positive work ethic.  This has driven him from a temporary warehouse position to our Senior Management Team.  The knowledge attained from each position along the way, gives him a distinct view of what is needed to lead his team to success.